Training Information & requirements

Important notice

This application is for grant approval only. Acceptance in the training program is to be approved by the training center in which you are willing to train. Grant application must be submitted at least 4 months before start of training

How to Apply for a grant

Submit an online application and additional supplemental materials, including:

1. Official acceptance letter in the training program or date of expected acceptance letter if it is in process
2. A curriculum vitae describing in detail your academic background, including degrees, work experience
3. Letter of intent specifying your reasons for interest in the specific training opportunity. This should include information regarding:
a. your current job role and title
b. the specific training for which the grant is requested
c. the value expected from the added training
d. future plans after completing the planned training
e. the expected impact of the planned training on your personal career as well as on cancer care in your country of residence or origin
4. Letter of support from the head of department or supervisor, specifying the specific value expected to be gained from the training, and its expected impact on the applicant’s organization and country 

All material must be submitted directly via the online application system.

Applications that are incomplete or missing supporting documents will not be considered.