Training Application

King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC)

Dear applicant


You are about to fill out a training grant application. This application is for grant approval only. Acceptance in the training program is to be approved by the training center in which you are willing to train. The grant application must be submitted at least four months before the start of training.


Please fill in all the fields and attach all the needed documents. Incomplete applications will be disregarded. 


At the end of this application, you will be required to submit the following documents: 


1. An official acceptance letter in the training program or date of expected acceptance letter if it is in process
2. A curriculum vitae (CV) describing in detail your academic background, including degrees, work experience
3. A letter of intent specifying your reasons for interest in the specific training opportunity. This should include information regarding:

a. your current job role and title
b. the specific training for which the grant is requested
c. the value expected from the added training
d. future plans after completing the planned training
e. the expected impact of the planned training on your personal career as well as on cancer care in your country of residence or origin

4. Letter of support (recommendation letter) from the head of department or supervisor (in the home country), specifying the specific value expected to be gained from the training, and its expected impact on the applicant’s organization and home country.


You can select one of the below:


  1. Short-term observership (3 to 6 weeks)
  2. Short-term training (6 weeks to 6 months). Note: a strong justification detailing the reason and need for this training is required. In addition to that, the trainee must be involved with on-hand work and not only observership.
  3. Long-term training (fellowship). 


If you are applying for long-term training (fellowship), you also need to submit two letters of reference (sent directly by the referee to POEM Group Central Office


Once you submit your application, an auto-confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.


Selection for this training grant will be subject to approval by both POEM Group and the administration of the training site.


Only shortlisted applicants will be intimated about the further process of selection. 


We will get back to you within four months for the decision on approval or rejection of your application. 


If you need any help or further information, please contact our central office by e-mail 


Thank you!


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Thank you for completing training application

We will review yout request and get back to you shortly.